Realizing Slide Page Layout In A Slideshow Presentation

Have you seen a presentation containing content in all places, and you wonder, which part to look at first? The slide may have charts on one side, text on another side pictures on another side. They presenter assumes that since they are explaining precisely what is written, the target audience will 'get it'.

Such slides typically happen when presenters use presentation templates provided with their presentation software. While such complex presentation templates make the presenter look intelligent, they confuse the viewers.

The real reason for such ppt slides confusing the viewers is - how you read.

If we read, eyes typically travel in the following order:

1. From left to right

2. Top to down and

3. Clockwise

Given this order of reading slides, could you imagine how confused the audience becomes looking to browse the slides with plenty of content?

An excellent presentation template should have content put in wherein audience can understand without feeling confused. The presenter's aim is always to always maintain the audience dedicated to his content and never on reading tough to understand slides.

Simply how much content on the slide is just too much? Allow me to share 2 simple rules to discover when there is excessive content on the slide.

1. Follow the eye movement: While using order by which eyes move, read the slide and find out should your eye movements are smooth. In the event the eyes relocate a zigzag way, then this ppt template is just too complex as well as to be simplified.

For example when the slide requires the reader to go his eyes from left to right, it isn't difficult enough. Whether it demands the audience you just read from left to right and up to down and left to right again, it is too complex.

2. Two is company, three is often a crowd: This common saying holds great for slides as well. In case there are more than 2 types of elements around the slide, it is probably too complex. By elements, I am talking about a text box or graph or perhaps an image. For instance, each time a presentation template has text box, image as well as a table, it counts as 3 elements. It's probably too complex as well as to be simplified.

Remember, that adding a brand new slide does not cost anything. It is better to add another slide rather than confuse your audience. Once you confuse your audience, they end payment focus on what you will be saying.

So, whether you are deciding on a ppt template, an exhibit background or a easily obtainable presentation template, remember to use 2 elements or less in a slide. We have seen a number of templates on offer which use strong colours in addition to a lot of elements over a slide.

Remember to keep your audience centered on your message.

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